Our construction system follows the guidelines of the LEAN CONSTRUCTION concept. Based on the Kaizen and just in time management processes.

Using innovative concepts in both sustainability and MEP to integrate strategies which are simple and able to be aesthetically incorporated into buildings. Ensuring that our technical solutions will be practical in terms of installation and maintenance to achieve the client’s requirements and to suit the architectural building form. Ventilated facades, technical flooring, curtain walls, prefabricated construction and High tech systems are our strengths.
Urban arrange specialists with proved experience in any of the trades, providing also to our customers the capability of developing all the Ideas, innovations, new materials, building systems, modular framework, energy saving technology and prefabrication posibilities existing in the Real Estates construction market.
Our purpose is giving support for Real Estate construction, in the task of selecting the best skilled labor for projects. Urban provides Human resources for private developers or Construction & Real Estates companies selecting the best workforce for each phase of the construction process. Our group guarantee qualified workers and group leaders for all the ítems involved in the building execution of any architectural Project.