AGORA is born as a space of corporate relations, where the managerial synergies become strong with those "Stakeholders" that demonstrate a mercantile related vision with the beginning and values of Group Urban.
In ágora permanent links are established, by means of the creation of "Joint ventures " that reinforce relations between complementary companies, in those areas that they are common.


Workshop, It contributes shared tangible assets that allow the better and most economic management of the resources.

Company of services. Dedicated to the management and advice for international companies.

Company of services, Dedicated to the accomplishment of the technical projects necessary for the execution of the architectural designs according to the concept BRAND PROJECTS.

Design company, dedicated to the commercial interiorism, branding architectural and experiencial marketing.

Real estate company, Dedicated to the construction of big projects worldwide.

Construction company, It contributes the “LEAN” system adapted to the construction. Facilitating the human specialized resources for the construction of luxury houses and big projects.

Management Consultant and Real Estate Projects.

Restoration company, buildings restoration and houses refurbishment by means of prefabricated and standardized systems.